Highest paying Degrees in Germany

Studying abroad is dreamt by half of the brilliant student of the world. But only few can succeed to fulfil their dreams as it is not a straightforward affair. The fess, living cost and other expenses often become a headache for parents. Though the educational loans and scholarship programs have lessened the burden, there are still many second thoughts which come in the parent’s mind for their child.


The primary reason for parents for not sending not sending their children to study abroad might be:

  • Strict laws of the country
  • Unwanted rise in expenditure
  • Terrorism
  • Unequal treatment with other nations students
  • Falling in Bad company
  • Addiction to bad habits
  • Tuition fees
  • Language and food problem

Well, few of the reasons might be valid from the parent’s point of view, but sending your kids to reputed nations might reduce the stress. Previously, the United States and the United Kingdom were considered to be the best countries to study in. But gradually the trend is changing, and Germany(Europe) is topping the list gradually. But you might be having a question as to why Germany and no other domains.

The answer to this question is that #Germany has developed at overall levels and as per the #research of #European Study, #Germany has a far better approach to everything as compared to competing #nations. Share on X Some of the reason are:

  • More English language courses and degrees are offered as compared to other nations.
  • State universities in Germany offer free of cost tuitions to the students.
  • Less unemployment in graduates due to more employment opportunities.
  • Growing market in all areas of expertise.
  • High salaries and low cost of living.
  • More stable environment to live in.

So, all these reasons make Germany the right choice for any candidate who comes to study there. Germany ranks 16th when it comes to highest paying degrees. Let’s checkout which all degrees and courses are more beneficial for any student who come to live their dreams.


Highest Paying Degrees in Germany

  • Medical Doctor

    Doctors have the valuable status around the world. It is the most likely job and all doctors are paid handsomely in Germany too. They have a dignified position as health is considered the prime factor of a better standard of living. The estimated salary of a doctor in Germany is around 80,000 Euro yearly.

  • Consultant

    A consultant is someone who advices in any individual areas. All the students who opt for accountancy, law management, or educational degrees, also have a respectable standing among others. These experts serve the firms by being the part of the administration internally or hired from outside to offer professional services to the client by a consultancy firm. The highest estimated income of any consultant is somewhere between 180,000 to 300,000 Euro annually. It might vary with the experience one has in that particular filed.

  • Marketing and Administration

    Sales, marketing and administration courses are all-time ubiquitous ones. The same scenario is in Germany as there are many manufacturing units of cars, ships and other edible goods. Manpower is needed in all these units for some or the other purpose. The average earning for such jobs is around 117,000 Euros.

  • Law

    Medicine and law are the indeed the hardest courses to get admission. Law is another important subject for any nation as lawyers help to maintain the decree in the country or any company. The strict criteria and written test for admission is the reason why these courses are challenging, therefore highly paid after completion. The usual revenue earned on an annual basis is around 80,000 Euros.

  • Engineering

    Engineering is also a perplexing field subject to its various sub-categories. The specialised knowledge required in the field is scientific in nature and thus only able students opt for it. This is the reason they are remunerated well for their excellence. The usual salary given out is around 80,000 Euros.

  • Information Technology and Mathematics

    ITan and mathematician need expert skills due to the complexities these subjects have. The degrees involve a high level of testing at every stage as a single mistake could become more difficult to handle. These highly valued jobs have risen due to the advent of technology and discovery of complex algorithms. They are compensated averagely around 70,000 Euros.

  • Banking

    Baking jobs are also high paying, and to do the related degree courses, and you need to be a graduate or do a major in masters in banking and finance. Investment bankers act as financial advisors of many big firms. They work in financial institutes or banks which deal in managing the capital of other companies. The average amount earned on a yearly basis is around 150,000 Euros and higher grade officers might earn upto 300,000 Euros.

  • Hospitability

    Tourism department in Germany plays a significant role in building the economy. Due to many beautiful places in Germany, many tourists visit this place every year. So, the particular hospitability courses are also highest paying. Whether students work in a hotel or tourism department after completing the course, they get paid handsomely. Though the starting package ranges somewhat between 20,000 to 30,000 Euros, the prospects are great if you stick to the same for a longer period.


After considering all the valid reasons, it is a wise decision for any student to apply for Germany universities. The above-mentioned specialised degrees and courses pursued in Germany will surely pay high to the aspirants.

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