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We love travel!We are a team of travel enthusiasts that love to explore the world.Travel is not about the place you stay at or which flight you took. What makes travel so exciting are the unforgettable experiences at the actual destination. But what can make travel extremely boring is the tiring research through many websites that provide you with an infinite number of unpersonalised suggestions. We hate that. We believe travel should involve less planning and more experiencing.That’s why we are reinventing the way you explore new destinations by adopting a totally new approach - 100% mobile, 100% last-minute. Thus, we created the best mobile travel guide to the most amazing attractions, events, and activities.We created Tadaaa because we believe exploring a new city should be informative, fun, and memorable. Thus, we carefully handpick all experiences. And the experiences you see on our platform - we actually tried them all. And we love them! But we didn’t stop there. We use advanced algorithms and a lot of data to provide you with a curated choice of what we predict is the most suitable top 10 list of experiences towards your preferences. As a result, we are making your travel personal and unique.So, make it count! Book one of the amazing experiences on our app and enjoy an unforgettable trip that will be worth sharing with your friends and family.
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