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The Tour Company started in Munich in 2017. Our goal is to make sure our clients have the best possible time while they are in Munich. We know a lot people are a little against doing guided tours, as they usually have a local guide who barely can speak english (don't get us started on Rome) and tend to be slightly boring. We aim to make sure you capture some history and have a small comedy show while you cruise around town. We are doing something different than any other tour company in town with our electric scooters. We just try to be different. When you go travel, the whole point is to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. We are also not in the business to rip you off. Sure as a business we are trying to make a few bucks, but we are priced to make sure we can pay our staff, so that they can stay happy, to make sure you are happy while you are in town. We also have to pay the rent. Be sure to know the money you spend is not going into some fat cats pockets. Our staff are fantastic and all of them have been in the tourism industry here in Munich for years. If you combined all the years our staff have been guiding tours it is well over 20 years of combined service. We look forward to showing you around town and making sure you have the best time in, in our opinion, the best city in Europe.
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