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Welcome Traveler, we are glad you have encountered us on your journey through what is known to you as life. As for us, we have traveled the unknown depths of the universe, encountered a multitude of intelligent life - and often unintelligent - while researching the core of existence. On our adventurous journeys through space we have responded to a vast number of interplanetary and intergalactic emergency calls, which has led us to this planet, your home called Earth. This planet is on the verge of massive change, both socially and technologically - but if we do not guide the progression delicately, the outcome might be grave. Even though we are a small team of travelers, our futuristic sci-fi technology grants us the ability to carry out a vast amount of output. While our machines work around the clock, our bodies are currently resting inside a high-pressure electrobiologic vessel aboard our ship, to adjust to your specific physical and chemical parameters. Until our bodies have readjusted to your physical and chemical properties, our minds are simultaneously running in virtual reality, so we have absolute control over the machines. Media. Perception. Propaganda. It is everywhere and you cannot see it. Art turns into hype, hype turns into sensation, sensation is Media. We want you to succeed in your endeavors. Let us use these tools to make a difference. ÔÇő
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