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Hypercare Technical Support Assistant
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  • Munich, Germany, Afghanistan
Title: Hypercare technical support position We are looking for a hypercare technical support assistant for an upcoming opportunity. Location: Munich, Germany Project duration: 3 - 12 months, depending on your availability Day-to-day-activities and responsibilities: -Conduct rounds throughout the day, making sure users are as comfortable as possible -In cases of queuing, help users with immediate needs (e.g.  User having trouble connecting to Skype for meeting with executives in 10 minutes) -Connect with IT/IS to understand whether pushed updates could affect user laptop/device drivers -Have clear escalation pipeline in place – ensure at least 2 POC for each issue -Emphasize exceptional customer service. Hypercare will encompass all issues in the NGW space -Emphasize to new Hypercare resources the importance of empathizing with end users as they are going through a big transition -Daily peripheral reconciliation -Require Hypercare resources monitor E-mails and Skype IMs regularly and to respond to inquiries in a timely manner -Log each and every issue/query/feedback to the Hypercare Assistance System -Advise Hypercare team to assign a team “lead” as POC or assign one for team if needed Job requirements: -Accountability: You are accountable to the user and the smooth operation of the NGW concept. -Attention to Detail: Client-facing front line of exceptional customer service requires keen attention to details that can make a big difference for the end-user. -Situational Awareness: Understand the core needs of the user(s), prioritize issues and strive for maximum efficiency in resolution -Communication: Perfect German communication skills & good English communication skills -Technology: Troubleshoot...

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