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INFARM is an indoor farming startup, that combines highly efficient vertical farming with IoT technologies and Data Science. Our mission is to help cities become self sufficient in their food production, eliminating waste and reducing the environmental impact. Our vision stretches until autonomous vertical farms will be spreading through our cities, offering a huge variety of unique, fresh and healthy food in affordable prices. We believe our food system should be decentralised and food production should get closer to the consumer. This is essential in terms of the impact on the environment as well as for significantly improving the safety and quality of our food. Our strategy is to encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to start farming in the city, in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, co-working spaces, hospitals and even at home, by offering a turnkey solution for indoor farming:To realise this vision, we developed FaaSÔäó - Farming as a Service model, in which we sell vertical farms including all farming supplies; seedlings, fertilizers, PH solutions and software services. Our technology allows incomparable efficient use of resources and space, resulting in highly profitable, year round production. INFARM was founded by 3 self-educated farmers and entrepreneurs, who have already gained acclaim in the field of urban farming. They gathered a team of plant scientists, industrial designers, IT wizards, architects, futurists and chefs, all share a passion to help shaping the future of cities.
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