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"Start the day with a smile and finish it with champagne." – that is our motto at Champagne Therapy. We are importers and online retailers of excellent, undiscovered champagne varieties. From the beginning it was our primary goal to get all our champagne directly from small, independent producers. In most of the cases the families who have owned the estates for a long time have passed their experience over many generations and are working hard to produce top quality champagnes. We follow a simple philosophy: one should take champagne as easy as a glass of wine. Just like wine you can enjoy champagne every day. And just like wine, it is the perfect companion for many dishes. Anyone who has ever acquired a taste for it will soon realize that champagne for dinner often provides a bigger variety of choice than white wine and also goes with a far larger range of food than red wine.. We at Champagne Therapy have made it to our mission to finally place champagne to where it belongs: A high-quality but affordable pleasure that fits almost every occasion.
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