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Imagine, you have to upload a profile picture for an application. You are worried, because it is already 11pm and you’ve got only 1 hour left to submit it. Suddenly the web portal displays an error: “invalid format CMYK”. What can you do, if there is no solution in sight and 15min of googling cannot change that? Call up computer-affine friends or relatives who are already half asleep? Give up?

In the future, you can simply call the Aaron support and briefly describe the problem. Immediately, our platform matches you to the best fitting expert for picture editing, who solves the issue via conversion in 5 minutes. Your application – saved!

In short: We enable a harmonious exposure to computer & related devices – by phone and if required by secure remote assistance. As of today, we can already answer all queries around the usual Windows- and Mac operating systems, especially in regards to the Office products, virus protection, data security, browser and internet, e-mail, printers and many more.

Want to know more? Just sign up on our Website for a 35 support minutes free of charge!

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