Your Complete Guide to Acing Your Tech Interview (Part 4 After the Interview)

Your Complete Guide to Acing Your Tech Interview (Part 4 After the Interview)

Now as the most difficult part of the tech interview is over, it time to look back and forth for the other things. The passing of the interview round must give a sigh of relief, but things are not over yet. You have still got a way to go before the final joining as the real struggle will start there on the field. So, just prepare yourself for it, analyse yourself from all perspectives and keep up your competitive verge.


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If you are not selected for the job, then take pre-emptive steps to learn from your last interview’s experience and do the needful as per the current situation. Follow few of the after interview steps to make it a total win-win situation for you in both the cases. At times, following these simple steps will build your strong impression in the eyes of the interviewer.

Assess yourself

It’s time that you recollect all the things you did to prepare for the interview. As everything is fresh in your mind, don’t let it go easily as this might help you to understand things in a better way. Write down all the points and start evaluating yourself on various grounds. Recollect those points where you went down in front of the judging panel, and also those in which you outperformed. Frame a picture in your mind for the company and its working practices along with the job responsibilities you have to undertake.

The next thing you have to do is to jot down the questions you were asked as this might help you in future and you won’t be facing the same issues solving them. If this was your first interview, then this written recap of the whole situation will help you time and again to prepare yourself in a better way.

Write a Thank You Email

After you are back from the interview, try to write an email saying thanks for all their time. A Thank you email should be mailed within 24 hours as the whole situation will be fresh in the minds of the interviewers. If you delay the email, then the chances are that they might not remember your face. Mention a big thanks for the time and attention they have given you and considered you for the role.

This email will leave a perpetual impression on the mind of the evaluator. It will also create a different bond between you and the interviewer. It will give you a chance to clarify things in the later stage and you will be able to express interest in the position.

Go for a Check-In Email

If you don’t receive a response from the Thank You email in a week’s time, drop in a follow-up email to see why there is a delay in the process. They also might be busy in deciding many things related to the whole process. This might take time as these final procedures are time-consuming, but dropping an email might give a positive impression of yours and keep you on the priority list. It will also show that you care about their reply and for the job position you have applied for.


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Few candidates might think writing an email might show their desperate nature, but it is not true. Nobody is asking you to write back-to-back emails enquiring about everything. It’s just one or two follow up emails to know if it is worth waiting for the company’s answer. And these emails will definitely make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. One important point is this is that just don’t write plain emails enquiring about the final result, instead add up some useful things you were not able to cover up in the interview discussion or maybe a project you are working on that you hold back from during the interview.

Feedback Email

If you receive an email mentioning that you have not been selected, don’t get disheartened. Despite, write an email by thanking them for the time they have given, asking them the reason for not getting selected. By asking the opinion, you will come to know your shortcoming, and won’t repeat in the next interview. Just remember that we all need practical disparagement and expressive feedback to grow in life. So, if you get the response on that, it will be beneficial for you only for the next time.


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The whole purpose of sending a feedback interview is to get an edge in your next interview and keep you moving forward with more positive attitude.

Final Verdict

Some might think that sending such emails might look like an odd affair from the company point of view, but in reality if you write meaningful emails, then it might turn the cards in your favour. You might also remain in the limelight because of these well-written emails from time to time. It is not that these emails will help you to secure the job position even if you are not the deserving candidate, but will instead get you the positive feedback regarding your performance in the interview so that you work on your weakness.

So, just follow these above steps and end the whole process with a positive note even if you are not selected. If selected, then it will be the best thing for you and you will get the joining letter in hand in just few days.

All the best for your interview. I hope you liked the suggestions. If you think that any other important point is missing, then do leave your message below. It will help other to improve their performance. Till then analyse yourself and work towards your goals.

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