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How to identify your Unique Selling Proposition(USP)?

A USP is the underlying portion of any strong marketing crusade. It is a way to make your product stand out in the market by highlighting its unique or exclusive features which are absent in other product available in the market. A powerful USP affirms that promotions which created exceptional offers to clients swayed them to swap brands.

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The process to identify your USP s not that easy as the market is filled with many best alternatives. Before bringing out the convincing USP of your product, you have to find out few strong grounds of comparison and points that acclaim to be extraordinary and exceptional from the existing products. A completely different design, brand, and message are delivered to the target audience so that they can easily connect and relate to.

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For being different and creating a robust USP is also not an easy task. You have to find out the worth-toting attributes for your product so that it becomes more useful than only being different. And to follow the procedure and to find that Competitive Edge over your competitors, you have to strike harder on the surface to get results hovering in front of your eyes.

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Though many others might also claim to have the same USP; you have to find the best alternatives in the market to make your product stand alone and win the race. It is a known fact that the product’s highly admirable features brought forward in front of the audience become the USP. Now let’s check out the points which help you in finding your USP.

Market segmentation

The first and foremost point before stating the USP is to bifurcate your patrons and target those who are the main purchasers. The whole market revolves around these buyers who have different criteria for selecting their product. First understand your targeted audiences by dividing them as per their age, gender, likings, etc. And then comprehend why they buy a particular product, what special requirements are they looking for, and the complaints they don’t prefer other brands.
So, you have to take a right decision in this direction and then offer your audiences with suitable money saving, high-quality and trusted product. By dividing the market and doing an in-depth research you will be able to find the USP for your product or service.

Highlighting specific requirements

The best way to establish your product in the market and in the eyes of your customers is to emphasize the features of the product most liked and valued ardently. By doing this, you will be able to determine the unique selling proposition of your brand and get into the minds of the users.
For instituting your product aptly in the market, catching on the emotional need of the buyer is of utmost importance. Think from the point of view of the customer and then compare your product with those specifications which they desire. Adding those points to your list will definitely help in identifying your product’s USP.

Add unique aspects

To have a distinct standing among the crowd, design your product in such a way so that none of your competitors can emulate it. Sometime these adaptations might need some initial investment, but after capturing the market with those unique attributes, your returns will be mesmerizing. For making these features more noticeable, you have to either highlight the with distinct design or put a mark near it so that it can be easily differentiated from the rest of the text.
This technique will demonstrate that the marked features can neither be replicated, reproduced or counterfeited by the competitors easily.

Show up your USP via tagline

Accentuating your product to thru a short, lucid, and precise slogan is practiced by significant brands in the industry. It not only captures buyer’s attention but also make the prominence of the product clear. The phrase used must be able to communicate the purpose of your brand clearly.
This catchphrase must be displayed in every ad of your brand so that it strikes hard on the mind of the consumer. The single phrase will become the USP for your product, and whenever the user hears it, your product name will be remembered. Never put a halt on this message. For example, Philips brand has a strong line attached to its every campaign- “Let’s make things better”. The moment this line is uttered by someone even in general sense, will remind of the Philips brand. So, it not only creates an impact on the mind of user, but also states the purpose of the product.

Study your opponent’s mistakes and consider client response

If you really want to survive in the market, make it a point that customer feedback will help you in the process. Do a proper research of other products already existing in the market and read the opinions of the customers about the product. Bag on all the features competitors lacks in their product. Upgrade your products with all those USPs to capture the market.
The product testimonials and re-evaluations will always give a deeper insight into the existing products and services and help you to formulate your policies according to that.

Present everything for the customer, by the customer, and to the customer

It is imperative to sell your product by making the customer the ruler of everything. Product will only exist in the market when it is marketed in favour of the customer. It is a simple strategy of giving credit to someone and then getting the work done for yourself.
Make sure that your taglines and phrases depict that the product is for the benefit of the customer and if it is not then the company takes the blame or faces the loss. In this way, your product will have a US and you will render profits at every stage.

Keep innovating

Change is the law of nature. When you really want your brand to capture the market from the roots, then make it a point to implement new and unique modifications at every stage. Branding and packaging with latest ideas, promoting the product thru the most recent technology and offering exclusive perks are the ways to get hold of the market and setting a USP.
Many brands fail to do so and keep dragging their old strategies and concepts while marketing the product. Adding USP to a product is little challenging for a totally new and totally old brand as they the new ones are unaware of the tactics that work and old ones stick to the outmoded ways of endorsing. So, the best way is to keep adapting to the situations and keep renovating with new ideas so that adding USP to the product doesn’t become a hitch.

Final Roundabout

Therefore, all the above steps will definitely help you to identify your Unique Selling proposition and get you the desired results. Your product will be promoted in the right direction and will be able to target the potential customers and get back the ones who have doubted your brand in the initial stage. Always remember; standing out of the crowd requires out of the box thinking process. Be different, be vigilant to attain your goal.

If I am missing something from my side, please feel free to add the suggestions in the comment section below. Your suggestions will always help us to learn more.

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