Women of Europe: Connect and Learn from 100 Successful Female Founders

“People respond well to those that are sure of what they want.” — Anna Wintour, editor-in-Chief, American Vogue

The saying goes well with today’s scenario of entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs are spreading their wings and achieving their dreams in an exceptional way throughout the world. But, if we look at the present circumstances in Europe, only 15% of businesses are owned by women entrepreneurs. The number is still less as the females are underestimated clearly in the real world of business.

More initiative must be taken to celebrate their existence and emergence in the entrepreneurial world. The reasons are questioned often as to why women entrepreneurs should be given a chance to bring up their identity. So, the simple answer is -the diverse thinking process they possess. The difference in defiance towards a particular angle make a woman more ostentatious and outstanding. And if given a chance to prove her worth, she will definitely have an unforgettable impression on the world.

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The encouragement given from the world will push them to associate with industries that profoundly lacks personnel with varied gender frameworks. A recent start-up in Berlin, named The Hundert, has highlighted all the famous women in power across Europe. It’s digital-centred periodical’s eight edition covers a list of 100 popular European woman initiators. The version is all about women of different ages and lifestyles controls some of the newest syndicates.

Not only young women, but the list includes the single, new mothers, family leaders, as well as failed business owners who try again to achieve their goals. The whole edition will throw light on how these different women have established them successfully in various sectors. Many women readers who are still in dilemma of their life, will surely get experience and motivation to take up new challenges in life.

So, below is the list of top Women of Europe who has surpassed all the barriers and got recognition in the tough entrepreneurial world. So let’s highlight their work and get inspiration from them.


  • Avid Larizadeh Duggan

    Bottica.com-is a London-based tycoon who co-founded Bottica.com, an online opulence bazaar of fashion accoutrements, and is now General Partner at Google Ventures.

  • Alix de Sagazan

    AB Tasty- She is the Paris-based co-founder of AB Tasty – a top European optimization stage for e-marketers which allows them to transform their website without technical acquaintance through AB Testing & personalization.

  • Alice Bentinck

    Entrepreneur First- she is a London-based businessperson who co-founded Entrepreneur First, one of the world’s primary corporation producers, as well as Code First:Girls, a free part-time program for female apprentices.

  • Andrea Pfundmeier

    Boxcryptor- she is a CEO at Boxcryptor which is a safekeeping service for your cloud. It offers End-to-end encryption “Made in Germany” for Dropbox & Co

  • Barbara Labate

    Risparmio Super – she is the initiator of RisparmioSUper, an online shopping store for all the home products at cheap prices.

  • Basak Taspinar Degim

    Armut -she is the founder of Amrut which is a service providing establishment in Europe.

  • Chiara Burberi

    Redooc -she is a founder of the biggest math gym in Italy. The firm offers all fundamental, middle, higher and university programs.

  • Colette Ballou

    Ballou PR—she is the founder of Ballou PR, a European public relations organization that works with high-growth technology and technology-enabled concerns, as well as technology financiers.

  • Delia Fischer

    WestWing- she is a Munich-based magnate who co-founded Westwing, a leading online platform for interior design products.

  • Dörte Höppner

    Invest Europe- she is the previous CEO of Invest Europe and represented Europe’s private equity & venture capital region. Today, she’s the COO of the Riverside Europe Fund, which finances in developing businesses esteemed at up to $400 million.

  • Fausta Pavesio

    Talent Garden Milano-she is a Milan-based impresario, board member and advisor who was named IBAN Business Angel of the Year 2015. In addition, Fausta is the Independent Director of the coworking space Talent Garden Milano.

  • Jessica Stark

    SUP 46, Sweden’s startup – she is a co-founder and board member of SUP 46, Sweden’s startup hub and membership-based communal. She’s also the CEO of StyrelseAkademi, Sweden’s principal conference for the specialized growth of board members.

  • Julia Bösch

    Outfittery- is a Berlin-based industrialist who co-founded Outfittery, one of Europe’s leading e-commerce startups which aims to transform the shopping experience for men.

  • Karen Boers

    Startups.be- is the co-founder and Managing Director of Startups.be – a unique association which funds startups in Belgium. Karen is also a board member and CEO of the European Startup Network.

  • Edyta Kocyk

    SiDLY -is a Co-founder of Sidly. For her accomplishments she has received about 30 awards at national and international level.

  • Emmanuelle Vin

    AMIA Systems – Founder and CEO of AMIA Systems. With her PhD in engineering science and her degree in management from the Ecole Centrale of Paris, she is the intellect behind SIMOGGA.

  • Filipa Neto

    Chic by Choice -Co -Founder and Managing Director at Chic by Choice, the fashion souk that lets European women to hire first-rate designer costumes at a fraction of retail price.

  • Genna Elvin

    TaDaweb –Co-founder of TaDaweb and was a instituting member of the first startup created to bring solar energy to the underprivileged Marshall Islands.

  • Gina Tost

    Geenapp -Journalist and Tech Mentor. Journalist with broad experience, emphasise on Mobile, Technology, Startups and Video Games. Worked for TV channels,newspapers, websites, and radio stations globally.

  • Gioia Pistola

    Atooma -she is an Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor, Chief Marketing, ATooma & Mind the Bridge. Enthusiastic about digital products and business development.

  • Karoli Hindriks

    Jobbatical- she is an Estonian mogul who founded her first startup at the age of 16. Today she’s the CEO of Jobbatical – a platform where global employers borrow the skills of techies and creatives.

  • Kinga Stanislawska

    Experior Venture Fund- she is the founder and Managing Partner of the Warsaw-based Venture Capital firm Experior Venture Fund, which manages PLN 80 million and has made 16 investments to date.

  • Lea-Sophie Cramer

    Amorelie- she is the creator and Managing Director of Berlin-based Amorelie – a stylish online-shop for your love life. Before Amorelie, Lea-Sophie assisted as VP International at Rocket Internet and Groupon.

  • Madeleine Gummer v. Mohl

    Betahaus- she is the co-founder and CEO of Betahaus, a co-working space with workplaces in spaces in Berlin, Hamburg, Sofia and Barcelona. Madeleine is also the co-founder of the accelerator Hardware.co.

  • Nancy Cruickshank

    MyShowcase- she is a London-based capitalist who started MyShowcase, a personal beauty shopping service, serving clients to discover and try custom-made cosmetics, skincare, body care and haircare references.

  • Katharina Klausberger

    Shpock – Co-Founder, CEO and Board Member at Shpock App finderly GmbH.

  • Kinga Jentetics

    PublishDrive – CEO & Co-founder, CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education and dynamic representative of women entrepreneurship.

  • Ksenija Rostova

    Inselly – Dedicated to inventive e-commerce start-up Inselly that wishes to change the way how people sell and buy on Instagram.

  • Lea von Bidder

    Ava – Co-founder and President Ava Science, Inc. Her experience list is endless.

  • Stina Ehrensvard

    Yubico – CEO & Founder, Yubico. Started Yubico, and co-created the YubiKey and the FIDO U2F open verification standard to allow a safer internet for everyone.

  • Nathalie Gaveau

    Shopcade- she founded Net-a-Porter back in 2000 in London as a website in magazine layout for marketing designer fashion. Today, Net-a-Porter pays over 3,000 people around the globe.

  • Raffaela Rein

    CareerFoundry- is the initiator and CEO of CareerFoundry, a Berlin-based start-up which today is Europe’s primary online education purpose, teaching the next generation of technical aptitude and digital leaders.

  • Roxanne Varza

    Station F Project- is the Director of the Paris-based Station F project, which set out to become the largest startup campus worldwide. Prior to her current role, Roxanne was the lead for Microsoft’s startup activities in France.

  • Sherry Coutu

    Zoopla- she lives in London and is a former CEO and angel investor who serves on the boards of several companies, chairs Founders4Schools and is a Non-Executive Director of Zoopla and the London Stock Exchange Group.

  • Sonali De Rycker

    Accel Partners- she attached the project capital firm Accel Partners in 2008 and today helps lead the London office as General Partner. Sonali serves as board member at companies like Wallapop, Calastone and IAC.

  • Stephanie Hospital

    One Ragtime- she is the founder of One Ragtime, a global technology investment fund and advisory. Prior to this, she was a Executive Vice President of Orange Digital and served as a board member at Dailymotion.

  • Tanja Kufner

    Startupbootcamp- she is the Managing Director of the Startupbootcamp accelerator in Berlin, and of the consulting firm Rainmaking Innovation. Prior to this, Tanja was Country Manager Germany for Wayra – Telefónica’s startup accelerator.

  • Suzan Claesen

    Crowdyhouse – COO at CROWDYHOUSE, Suzan is responsible for the operational site of the business and most passionately the designer community of CROWDYHOUSE.

  • Taisiya Kudashkina

    tulp – CEO and Founder at websarafan.ru. She has interest in Marketing, market development, customer development.

  • Tamar Yaniv

    Preen.Me – CEO + Co-Founder at Preen.Me. she is big picture thinker and a problem solver.

  • Theresa Steininger

    Wohnwagon –She is a skilful person and has assion about marketing, and graphic designing and marketing strategy.

  • Tiffany Hart

    7write – Co-founder , BD & CMO at 7write. She is a highly experienced and educated person.

  • Triinu Magi

    Neura – CTO at Neura co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Neura, a company managing the AI for Internet of Things

  • Ulane Vilumets

    Like A Local Guide – Traveller at heart, entrepreneur by choice- Her website is the most recommended travel guides in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

  • Ulla Engestrom

    ThingLink – founder & CEO, ThingLink interactive media platform and a pioneer female tech leader ininteractive visual media.

  • Alisée de Tonnac

    SeedStars World- is a Swiss tycoon who co-founded Seedstars World, a global startup competition covering 65+ emerging and developing markets. Alisée now serves as Seedstar World’s CEO.

  • Brigitte Baumann

    Go Beyond Early Stage Investing- is the Founder and CEO of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing. In 2015 EBAN (the European Business Angel Network) named her European Investor of the Year. Born in France, Brigitte and her family live in Zurich.

  • Celine Lazorthes

    FinTech- is the Paris-based founder and CEO of the FinTech success story Leetchi Group – which includes Leetchi.com, an online money pot (+5M users), and MANGOPAY, the disruptive B2B payment solution.

  • Corinne Vigreux

    TomTom- is a Dutch entrepreneur and co-founded TomTom. As a leader of one of the few consumer electronic companies from Europe to become a global brand in the recent history, she is a champion of European innovation.

  • Diva Tommei

    Solenica- is an Italian entrepreneur who co-founded Solenica and runs the company now as CEO. Solenica builds smart natural lighting systems with an Italian design that are beautiful, affordable and easy-to-use.

  • Urska Srsen

    Bellabeat – Cofounder & CPO at Bellabeat- she is focused on driving and building synergy between innovation in technology and design.

  • Verena Pausder

    Fox & Sheep – CEO and founder of Fox and Sheep GmbH. She is opening digital labs for kids and families across Germany to teach kids coding and robotics.

  • Vladimira Teskova

    TeskaLabs – COO at TeskaLabs- TeskaLabs deliver the kinds of solutions that provide organizations an efficient way to protect their IT infrastructure.

  • Yana Vlatchkova

    Swipes – COO at Swipes Incorporated- She is a highly experienced young entrepreneur and has thorough passion in marketing.

  • Yasmin de Giorgio

    The Grassy Hopper –Founder of vegan foods The Grassy Hopper, Yasmin has found her craving in serving worth food to vegans.

  • Zara Martirosyan

    inKin – CEO & Co-founder of inKin Social Fitness Platform, which offers all health related programs.

  • Elizabeth Varley

    TechHub- is the originator and CEO of TechHub. The global tech start-up community is headquartered in the UK, and functions TechHubs in seven cities around the world.

  • Ida Tin

    Clue-she is the co-founder and CEO of Clue, the world’s fastest budding female health app. Berlin-based Clue helps you understand your cycle so you can discover how to live a full and healthy life.

  • Jessica Butcher

    Blippar- is the London-based co-founder and Director of Blippar – the world’s leading visual browser, connecting enlarged reality and image-recognition technology.

  • Judith Clegg

    TakeOut- is the creator & CEO of London and New York based invention and strategy consultancy Takeout. She’s also an investor and advisor in a range of startups including True Office, Onalytica, NSFWcorp and Sofarsounds.

  • Zsuzsa Kecsmar

    Antavo – Co-founder & COO at Antavo, a loyalty management platform for B2C retailers and brands. Former journalist awarded by the European Commission.

  • Karoli Hindriks

    Jobbatical – Founder at Jobbatical.com. She founded her firstcompany at the age of sixteen (officially becoming the youngest inventor of Estonia).

  • Liat Mordechay Hertanu

    24me – Co-Founder | Marketing & Business Development at 24me, an award winning Personal Assistant platform which is named byApple as ‘Best of App Store’, and featured by Google, Apple, Amazon and more.

  • Virginie Simon

    MyScienceWork – CEO&Founder of MyScienceWork, whch is the global scientific platform.

  • Steffi Czerny

    DLD- is the co-founder and Managing Director of DLD, one of the world’s most exclusive events for topics like digital life, future design and entrepreneurship. Steffi and her company DLD Media are based in Munich.

  • Justine Roberts

    MumsNet -is a London-based entrepreneur and the CEO of Mumsnet, the UK’s most popular parenting website, and Gransnet, a sister site dedicated to the over-50s.

  • Kaidi Ruusalepp

    Funderbeam- is the founder and CEO of Funderbeam, a marketplace where startups get funded and traded across borders. Estonia-based Funderbeam combines startup analytics, investing and trading on the secondary market.

  • Kinga Stanislawska

    Venture Capital firm Experior Venture Fund- is the founder and Managing Partner of the Warsaw-based Venture Capital firm Experior Venture Fund, which manages PLN 80 million and has made 16 investments to date.

  • Lisa Lang

    ElektroCouture- is the founder and CEO of Berlin-based ElektroCouture – the first agency to pioneer bespoke innovative electronic wearable technology for the fashion industry. She’s also an evangelist of the Berlin Geekettes.

  • Mar Alarcon Batlle

    SocialCar.com- is the founder and CEO of SocialCar.com, a leading peer to peer car rental company (P2P carsharing) operating in Spain. She’s also a board member of Barcelona Tech City, Adigital and a mentor at Conector Accelerator.

  • MarLisa Terziman

    Fentury – Financial APIs, PSD2, Mobile Banking User Experience. FinTech & Start-Ups hooked. Being one of the reps of the idealistic generation, Lisa aims to raise customer arrangement & knowledge to the next level.

  • Liuba Pashkovskaya

    Red Rock Apps She is a founder of RedRocks App, which is a weight loss app.

  • Maja Mikek

    Celtra – CFO at Celtra Inc. She is a master of scheduling and managing corporations’ financial possessions.

  • Maria Martín

    Tiendeo – Co-founder at Tiendeo. She is a devoted tycoon and a business analyst.

  • Marta Esteve

    Soysuper – Founder and CEO of Soysuper.com, founder of Rentalia.com, co-founder Toprural.com

  • Maryna Kuzmenko

    Petiole – PhD, CEO Petiole- she has Ph.D. in Business Law, LL.M. with Merit in International Commercial Law and the good experience of work in M&A

  • Meryl Job

    Videdressing – Initiator of Videdressing, available for new specialized occasions. Growth, marketing, biz dev, general management.

  • Mette Lykke

    Endomondo – CEO at Too Good To Go, Entrepreneur. Endomondo is a social fitness community based on free real-time GPS following of running, cycling, and other distance-based sports.

  • Milda Mitkute

    Vinted – co-founder of Vinted, which is a leading p2p pre-loved fashion exchanging/trading app.

  • Natalie Masrujeh

    Teach ‘n Go – Co-founder and CTO at Teach’nGo, which is an online Student Management System for private tutors and small schools

  • Nina Angelovska

    Grouper – CEO & Co-founder at Grouper.mk- Won 1st prize at a national competition for most radical business plan in 2010 and got finance to start the business.

  • Nora Khaldi

    Nuritas – Founder and CSO at Nuritas. She is PhD in molecular evolution and bioinformatics as well as a master’s in mathematics.

  • Olga Peters

    QualySense – Chief Financial Officer, a Swiss company emerging a breakthrough technology that will alter the quality models of the agricultural commodities worldwide, improve quality and reduce waste of food globally.

  • Orit Hashay

    Brayola – Founder & CEO, Brayola – The World’s Smartest Personal Bra Shopper.

  • Pauline Laigneau

    Gemmyo – Cofounder & CMO at Gemmyo, a Modern jewelry brand based in Paris, France.

  • Raffaela Rein

    CareerFoundry – Raffaela Rein is the CEO and Co-Founder of CareerFoundry/ The UX School, one of the leading onlineschools for User Experience (UX), User interface (UI) and Voice User Interface (VUI) Design.

  • Rhona Togher

    Restored Hearing – CEO at Restored Hearing- which provides a real and cost effective solution to the problem of harmful noise in the workplace.

  • Rossi Mitova

    Farmhopping – CEO & Founder farmhopping. It bridges the gap between sustainable farms and city people all over the globe.

  • Sarah Wood

    Unruly – Co-Founder and CEO at Unruly- Sarah is a member of the London Mayor’s Business & AccelerateHER Advisory Boards and is a Technology Ambassador for London.

  • Sasha Olenina

    StudyQA –Founder of StudyQA, which is an online academic programs finder.

  • Silje Vallestad

    bSafe –

  • Sofia Pessanha

    Unbabel – COO at Care Revolutions. Care Revolutions is a marketplace for healthcare staff.

  • Sona Pohlova

    Ecocapsule – co-founder at nice&wise, co-founder and Product development director at Ecocapsule.

  • Stina Ehrensvard

    Yubico – Founded Yubico, and co-created the YubiKey and the FIDO U2F open authentication standard to enable a saferinternet for everyone.

  • Marie Helene Ametsreiter

    Speedinvest- is a Partner at the Vienna-based VC firm Speedinvest. She’s also part of the TV show “2 Minuten 2 Millionen“, the Austrian version of Shark Tank.

  • Natalie Massenet

    Net-a-Porter- founded Net-a-Porter back in 2000 in London as a website in magazine format for selling designer fashion. Today, Net-a-Porter employs over 3,000 people around the globe.

  • Paola Bonomo

    Italian angel investor- is an Italian angel investor who previously served as Member of eBay’s European leadership team, led the online business of Italy’s largest financial newspaper, and worked as Marketing Solutions Director at Facebook.

  • Anna Polishchuk

    Allset – Co-founder & COO at Allset. She has a passion for entrepreneurship and producing expedient and stunning products cultivating our lives.

  • Sissel Hansen

    StartUp Everywhere- Founder & CEO Startup Everywhere / Startup Guide- Young and ambitious entrepreneur with mind-set of learning by doing.


Though the European women entrepreneurs are less in number, they have done a commendable job in their respective fields. More motivation will definitely help them to outgrow outside of their regular warzone. In this post, we have tried to throw some light on the influential women entrepreneurs in Europe who are successful in their personal as well as professional lives.

I hope that you all will get motivated after reading their life’s story. In the end, I would like to conclude this post, with the beautiful line said by one more intellect women entrepreneur.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” — Estée Lauder

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