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Zurich, Switzerland
At Typewise we create the smartphone keyboard of the future. The traditional QWERTY keyboard was invented 140 years ago and is optimized for 10-finger-typing on mechanical typewriters. With Typewise we built the first virtual keyboard specifically designed for mobile devices. It reduces typos by 72% and provides the best possible user experience while ensuring full data privacy. Since our launch in December 2019, already 200,000 people have installed Typewise and more users are joining us every day. We’re supported by Innosuisse, Switzerland’s innovation agency. We’re a passionate team based in Zurich, Switzerland who are not satisfied with merely good quality. We want to create something extraordinary. That’s why we practice an open feedback culture and measure ourselves against the best. We value user feedback, which helps us continuously improve our product. Instead of lengthy decision-making processes, we prefer quick decisions that we thoroughly test with our user base. But of course, it’s not only about work but also about fun. So be prepared for an occasional drink at the end of the day or a nice swim in the lake. We also offer flexible/remote working options, especially during government lockdowns.
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