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Lindera is first in digitalizing motion analysis, to offer an objective, systematic and mass ready tool for fall prevention. With AI, we have managed to capture and calculate a 3D picture of movement with a normal smartphone camera. In addition to the motion analysis, we use a psycho-social questionnaire to help gain a more complete analysis of risk factors and finally provide an individualised prevention plan for our users. The technology is mainly used in geriatric medicine to prevent seniors from falling and to connect the care team through data science, but we are also in the process of developing more products using our technology to provide support in the fields of rehabilitation and orthopaedics. Falls strain health care systems around the world and while fall prevention is mandatory and helps to reduce more than 36% of fall related costs, with our technology mobility can now be tested in a detailed, subjective and consistent way ÔÇô simply through a smartphone app. Based in Berlin-Kreuzberg, we are a young and dynamic team of data scientists, engineers, psychologists and health care professionals. We're proud of what we have achieved and have received numerous awards for our innovative approach to 3D motion analysis. Come and join us on our journey pushing innovation and digitalisation in the care sector, creating and developing cutting edge technology to help people live a more mobile life.
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