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Torgauer Str 12, EUREF Campus, Haus 7-8. 4 OG
Convex Energy is active in the physical and financial power markets in Europe. We operate from the EUREF Campus, where more than 3.500 employees work every day for more than 150 different companies. It is one of the most dominant innovation hubs in Europe within the fields of energy, mobility and sustainability. Our three partners had a dream┬áto create a dynamic and nimble trading company operating in one of the most vibrant energy scenes in Berlin. Convex Energy was born by Martin Damgaard Larsen, Tobias Hahn, and Daniel Kr├Ąuter with backing from leading German energy service providers. We operate in the commodities sector where we manage renewable energy production across physical European power exchanges and provide expert knowledge to leading market players.┬áWe are a dynamic team of power and gas traders, data scientists, and business managers. We bring extensive backgrounds in commodities trading, finance, engineering, and consulting. We thrive in a fast-paced trading environment through team cohesion, collaboration, and constantly pushing each other.  
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